Feather in the Wind

Feather in the Wind
In this Life...

In this life, I’m going to take every chance I can to live it to the fullest. To travel to new places, meet new people, taste new foods. To move beyond the walls of comfort that imprison me and experience all that life has to offer with joy and wonderment. I choose to see old things in a different light and new things with an open mind. To trust my inner voice and have faith in its truth. And to let peace dissolve my worry and fear.

In this life, I have no room for judgment or hate. I choose to do all things with compassion, love, and kindness, and to respect all living creatures. To not be weighed down by the past or stifled by the future, because there is only the present. I choose to know when the time is right to walk away from what no longer serves me, to let go of expectations, and to live with more acceptance.

In this life, I choose to love me, the person who I am today. I choose not to focus on my flaws and faults, but instead, to see the beauty in my uniqueness. I am the culmination of my life experiences, each and every one of them, good and bad. Each one building my character with depth and wisdom. And with that wisdom, I now choose to be as I was created to be and to live by what feels right in my soul, what makes my heart sing and what gives me pure joy, and not by what’s expected of me.

In this life, I choose to close my eyes each night with gratitude for everything good in my universe and everything good that I know is coming my way. And to have faith that wherever I am headed, my life will unfold with grace and divine guidance, if I allow it to be. And to have gratitude for being blessed with abundance; not with things, but with all the people and experiences that have enriched my life. To never take for granted my children, my family and my friends, because without them, I am nothing.

I refuse to wait for life to happen to me, and instead, choose to open up to one that satisfies and fulfills my soul. And I am wise enough to know that it is never too late to make these choices and to allow the magic of life to flow through every cell of my being. Because it is with certainty, I know that at any given moment, I may be nothing more than a feather in the wind. And in this life, when I take my last breath and leave this earth, I will smile peacefully and know that I shall pass with no regrets.

BY Dianne Quinn
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kamir bouchareb st
1 year ago


4 years ago

Beautiful, inspiring

4 years ago

Beautifully written and so inspiring. I was busy with life when you posted this on Facebook but knew I wanted to get back to read since I am enjoying your Facebook posts of your trip. Be safe and enjoy the remainder of your vacation.

Mark Quinn
4 years ago

Truly inspiring! We all need to release like this and just live and love!
You inspire me everyday my love ! ❤️

4 years ago

Beautiful sentiment and way to live life!

Marla Quagliato
4 years ago

Bill, as I am ailing after major oral surgery, you made me feel better! You reminded me of existentialism thoughts that ,”there is joy in a toothache”! 🙂 I’ve been following your life as you married beautiful Dianne, and am living vicariously through your amazing road trip! Please know that this former English teacher is impressed by all of your prose and am proud to call you my dear “old” friend! With Peace & Love & Pride, Marla

4 years ago


4 years ago

That. Was. Beautiful.

4 years ago

Gracias Dianne, hermosa pluma en el viento, de mi alma, con alas.

4 years ago

For I know that upon death, my soul embarks on its journey home, and leaves all experiences behind in the ether, awaiting the next life, to continue where we left off, and recompence our debits and credits.

Ghislaine Bouskila
4 years ago

Beautiful, thank you. Your words are uplifting and healing, simple and true.

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