UPLIFT Connect

UPLIFT Connect is an online conscious magazine sharing inspiring stories that resonate the frequency of unity, peace & love.
UPLIFT Connect shares deeply impactful stories of awakening, of transformation, and of those who are called to be of service to the greater whole.

UPLIFT Connect is an online, media-focused initiative of the UPLIFT Foundation, with a vision to be a mouthpiece for transmitting unity, peace and love around the globe.  Incepted in 2014 from the inspiring of the UPLIFT Festivals, UPLIFT Connect has quickly grown into a well-known and respected platform specialising in stimulating deep personal inquiry on topics such as inspiration, consciousness, wellbeing, spirituality, yoga and new science.

As an online magazine UPLIFT Connect offers regular insightful articles, in-depth podcasts, uplifting short videos and impactful documentaries.  Available via the website, our weekly email newsletter and social media, UPLIFT Connect aims to accessible to everyone and transcend that which separate us (such as age, race, gender, sexuality and religion). With a global audience of millions, UPLIFT Connect is a strong voice for positive change.

UPLIFT Connect co-creates with other UPLIFT Foundation initiatives and has strong partnerships with visionaries and heart focused organisations such as Prince EA, Bruce Lipton, Deva Premal & Miten, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, The Shift Foundation and Unity.  UPLIFT Connect continues to spread the vibrations of global unity and offers an open invitation for everyone who is called to participate in spreading the seeds to love and transformation throughout the world.

For more information please visit, or send through your questions to [email protected].

Warmest blessings

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