Destination Simple: When Less is More

Destination Simple: When Less is More
How to Swap a Busy Life for a Contented One

How much of your life is spent on trivial things? Things that rob you of your time and energy. Maybe you need to make time and space for what really matters to you. Author and Slow Your Home founder, Brooke McAlary, did just that, changing her life from a crazy busy, stressful way of living that was making her ill, to a deeply fulfilling and happy life.

“I think there is a correlation between the idea of striving for happiness and accepting contentment… When I started to recognise that contentment is actually far more important and found that contentment can actually be where you are… that was huge.”

“You can live a balanced life, but I don’t think you can achieve it on a day to day basis…We need to look at the idea of balance over a period…You want to be able to look at a ten thousand foot view of your life and see that you’ve spent time on the things that matter.”

When Brooke McAlary realised that she didn’t have to be Superwoman, her life changed dramatically, and she’s never been happier. She shares tips from her new book, Destination Simple, which provides easy strategies for doing less and feeling more contented.

Plus, Dr. Oscar Serrallach joins us on The Journey of Wellness to explain the importance of water for our health.

About Our Guests

Brooke McAlary is the founder of Slow Your Home, author and host of The Slow Home Podcast. Founder and producer at @jackrabbitFM. She’s also a Siesta Advocate and lover of Inappropriate Laughter

Oscar Serrallach is an integrative medical practitioner, committed to waking up the expert inside each of his clients and patients. He has been practising medicine in Australia for over 15 years and enjoys being at the cutting edge of wellness medicine.

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