Dedicated to Deep Contemplation

BY Alfred Davidian
Dedicated to Deep Contemplation
The Infinite and Eternal Now

How serene, sublime and wonderful, is the silence of growing things?
How the heart flutters with joy, and the soul jumps up and sings.
Hummingbirds dart on beautiful flowers, butterflies rise and flap their wings.
How the pristine spring waters shimmer in the sunlight, reflects moving pictures and beams.

The rays of the sun playing hide and seek, through the thick of branches.
Ducklings chasing their mother, swimming along in the water, taking risky chances.
Fireflies dancing in the moonlight, creating mystery and intrigue, it all just seems like the mighty Aurora Borealis colors, in a theatre drama, like in dreams.

How nature is so subtle, smooth unyielding, the energy always in the flow.
At night in the darkness, shiny eyes in the far distance, are watching you and they glow…
Full of bounty, abundance, variety, how things seem to appear out of nowhere and grow.

The consciousness of flowing water, the brilliance of the crystals it forms in the snow.
There is inner wisdom in quiet contemplation, connectedness to all life forms and humankind.
Allows the heart to open wide, and quiets the chatter of the mind.

Mindful consciousness from the silence emerges, whispers into the ear, loud and clear…
Calling forth the primordial archetypes of the warrior, shaman, seeker and seer.
The puzzle we call life with some pieces missing, who knows what it means.
Living life in infinite present moment cuts the umbilical cord from the seams.

The vast macrocosm of the universe is reflected in the microcosm of a single molecule,
Existing in all life forms, from an elephant, a single-celled amoeba or a tadpole.
Nature operates in this very moment, the infinite and eternal now,
The mystical call of the wild, the magic and miracle make me whisper, “Wow!!”


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BY Alfred Davidian
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