Coping with Electromagnetic Pollution

Coping with Electromagnetic Pollution
These days we are inundated with Electromagnetic fields. How does this affect us and how do we balance our exposure to electromagnetic radiation?

Did you know the technology used to cook food in a microwave oven was derived from post WW-II military radar technology? We now use these same microwaves to not only cook, but to communicate. Mobile phones which were once too chunky to slip under our pillow have evolved into sleek 24/7 wearables. It is as though microwaves are a drug and we are device-addicts seeking a hit via faster download speeds and constant access. Telcos respond by building more antennas and turning up the ‘volume’ or ‘power density’ of microwave transmissions. Has the sky become one big microwave oven?

Electromagnetic Humans

We are electromagnetic beings. When I look at you I see a three dimensional reality with textures, colours and hues; then the moment I turn away you are a multitude of waveforms. As an electromagnetic being your signature energy field is susceptible to influence (entrainment) from the ‘noise’ of external electromagnetic radiation.

EMF phones
External electromagnetic radiation

Biological Effects

We are currently exposed to microwave ‘noise’ levels often hundreds of thousands of times higher than they were twenty years ago. At a children’s playground adjacent to the main beach at Byron Bay, my EMF meter reading went off the scale to a level of “Extreme Concern” according to International Building Biology Guidelines for Sleeping Areas1; yet measurements were within Australian thermal effects based exposure standards. Australian and international standards have disregarded the exponential rise in microwave exposure levels. They ignore studies reporting biological effects such as reduced melatonin production and genotoxicity at exquisitely low levels.2

Environmental Toxins

Imagine your body as a glass jug full of clean, pure water being slowly displaced with red raspberry cordial. The cordial represents environmental toxins including chemicals and electromagnetic radiation from microwave towers, Wi-Fi signals, mobile devices and power lines. What happens when we experience acute chemical or electromagnetic radiation exposure? What if we move into a house next door to a microwave tower? What if we take flights on a weekly basis? Our electromagnetic radiation burden builds and we are unable to return to equilibrium (homeostasis); the “jug” turns dark red and our health is adversely affected.

pure water being slowly displaced
Pure water being slowly displaced

Cumulative Electromagnetic Radiation

Cumulative electromagnetic radiation can be thought of as all exposure from conception through to the present time; this includes radiation from every mobile phone call, every flight and every Wi-Fi workday.

‘It should be understood that a cumulative effect is the accumulation of damage resulting from repeated exposures each of which is individually capable of producing some small degree of damage. In other words, a single exposure can result in covert thermal injury, but the incurred damage repairs itself within a sufficient time period, for example hours or days, and therefore is reversible and does not advance to a noticeable permanent or semi-permanent state. If a second exposure or several repetitive exposures take place at time intervals shorter than that needed for repair, damage can advance to a noticeable stage.’
– R Kane 3

Study of Cumulative Effects on Chimpanzees

A biophysicist at Northrop Space Laboratories in California prepared a paper called Biological Entrainment of the Human Brain by Low-Frequency Radiation. If the body’s biological clock were related to electrical impulses called alpha rhythms – then could electromagnetic fields alter that clock?4 The file went to the acting director of the Advanced Sensors program of the Advanced Research Projects Agency. Project Pandora was initiated to discover whether very low level microwave signals could direct the mind.5
A research facility was assembled and a signal of 2.2–4.0 GHz with power levels up to 5 mW/cm² were generated (exposure levels which are lower than the US limit 10 mW/cm²). The test chimp had been trained to perform specific tasks; after the first week of 10 hours per day exposure the chimp successfully completed those tasks. On the twelfth day a slowdown of the chimp’s work function occurred. On the thirteenth day the test animal stopped working and appeared to be in a deep sleep for two days until the radiation was turned off. It then returned to the work function over the next five days. The radiation signal was again switched on and this time the chimp slowed down in eight days and stopped and went into a deep sleep. They left the chimp like this for three days and when they ceased irradiating it did ‘not return to normal’6. Given the results, the new code name became Project Bizarre. Researchers noted ‘potential of exerting a degree of control on human behaviour by low-level microwave radiation’ and that the US needed to overhaul radiation exposure standards to take into account ‘non-thermal damage potential’ or biological effects.7

Surrounded by nature
Surrounded by nature

Lifting the Electromagnetic Radiation Burden

The chimp was no Academy Award winning actor, faking it for the records. I observed the same cumulative weakening of systems and inability to function when I lived across the road from a microwave tower in inner-city Sydney. When I left the city to camp in a national park for a weekend my “work function” was restored. As my cumulative exposure increased (my “jug” turned dark red) I noted that weeks later, when I returned to the national park, instead of taking hours for my ‘work function’ to restore it took days and weeks.

The good news is no matter what your level of cumulative electromagnetic radiation exposure may be you can always return to being like a jug of pure, clean water. During recuperative sleep pure water is added to the “jug” as the chemical and electromagnetic radiation burden is lifted. This cycle of induced cellular stress response during the day and detoxification and restoration at night means your “jug” remains a light-tinged red: you remain healthy.

Creating a radiation “quiet zone” in your bedroom is very important to this process. Can you and your family switch off all devices and Wi-Fi from 8pm to 8am? When my “jug” was really dark red I was steered to take more dramatic action and leave my inner-city abode to do a “radiation detox” in a rural setting. You might opt to spend an occasional weekend away from urban towers and devices, by being surrounded by Nature. A location with mobile reception of zero or one bar indicates low electromagnetic radiation pollution from towers and this would be ideal. Perhaps you can take to journaling your state of mind. Are you feeling more inner peace without the layers of electromagnetic “noise”? Do you notice a restoration of your “work function” to full-capacity as your “jug” becomes clear and pure?


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Benjamin Nowland (NSW, Australia) is the author of Playing GOD – Biological and Spiritual Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation. He shares his insights and research on the topic of optimising health in an increasingly microwaved world.

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