Catherine Ingram: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times

Catherine Ingram: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times
Finding Calm is the Most Important Thing You Can Do Today

Catherine Ingram is an author and spiritual teacher who’s interviewed some of the greatest spiritual minds on the planet. She believes that turbulent times are often the catalyst for great change.

A lot of people are waking up to the fact that we’re in an emergency … It is typically one of the primary drives for turning to a spiritual life and really examining what actually matters and tuning to the deepest most still waters.

Catherine says the most important thing we can all do as individuals is create calm in our lives. This, she says, is what’s needed to make space for intelligent, collective, decision making.

No matter what comes to be, transmitting calm, being calm, holding to one’s own dedication to love … It is really the only path to take.

Listen here for Catherine Ingram’s practical wisdom for precarious times.

About Our Guest:

Catherine Ingram is the author of The Footsteps of Ghandi and Passionate Presence and is the founder of Living Dharma.

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