Bruce Lipton: Can We be Saved by the ‘Sixth Mass Extinction’?

Bruce Lipton: Can We be Saved by the ‘Sixth Mass Extinction’?
How the 'End of the World' Could be a New Chance for Humanity

Dr Bruce Lipton believes the Sixth Mass Extinction is the end of the world as we know it…and that this is a good thing. He sees enormous potential for humanity to change its ways, and believes that we all have a part to play.

“Good news, bad news – if humans are creating this upheaval then humans could also turn this thing around.”

Plus, more good news from UPLIFT reporter, Vanessa Hill, who’s been gathering inspiring stories from around the globe. With countries supporting women in the workforce to a city replacing billboard advertisements with trees, there’s a variety of uplifting news to brighten up your day.

About our Guest

Dr Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist and author of the bestselling book, The Biology of Belief.


Bruce Lipton’s – How to Change Self Limiting Programs
How to Stop the Sixth Mass Extinction
The Programmable Mind

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3 years ago

If 5g is the end then the politicians, billionaires, world leaders, etc are all disappearing too!

Dr. G. Rex Kruhly
3 years ago

This is Dr. G. Rex Kruhly, l am a specialist in consciousn as and Distance Healing. Dr . Lipton is by far On the top of my list of Greats. But there is a new factor now, and it’s a terminal game changer…. 5G

5G is not related to 4G.

Ask yourself this question. How long will any plant or animal survive in a microwave oven? Well that’s the power and level of 5G. Once they make it fully global it’s over.

I hope Bruce and Dispenza, Gregg Braden and Nassim Haramein all tie in soon with the other concerned Scientists who know the truth. They are being ignored.

I urge all peoples of Earth to start voicing and praying because the Gov. don’t give a damn, you can actually see their testimonies.

In light, Dr G

5 years ago

If water is creating rotten timbers, then water could also turn this thing around … no the logic doesn’t work there either.

Daniel Dreisbach
5 years ago

Here is an idea. Start leading and inspiring the world to decrease its population humanely, ethically, fairly. Don’t kill people, and advocate for and streamline adoption while reducing the population through a VOLUNTARY reduction in the number of conceptions and natural attrition.
We should never ever suggest that a country or a people have more children as a way to pay for past generations excesses. That is indentured servitude and is a bad if not a criminal plan.
We add around 200,000 people to the planet every day. That is like the population of a city like Modesto, California or Akron, Ohio, appearing on the face of the earth every day. This is NOT sustainable.
There is a number, maybe 1/3 of our current population, maybe more or less that would allow people to live free and happy lives everywhere, have heat in the winter, Cooling in the summer, use natural resources at our leisure with having to worry about out stripping the earth or finding new ways to desalinate water, We could make trash at an acceptable rate and more reusable easier if there weren’t so many people needing jobs making more crap to throw away,. With far fewer people we could have more space between us more room for disagreement
You know I’m right. Don’t argue, just get started

Savina Redpath
5 years ago

Thank you Bruce, Always love listening to you.

Paul Luftenegger
5 years ago

What a BEAUTIFUL conversation. Thank You Uplift! I performed my song with Bruce in NYC this past Thursday for the UN’s International Day of Yoga For the Greater UN’s Community: I’d Love to share this song with your community! It is expanding LOVE and consciousness all around the world!

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