Bless the Space Between Us

BY Paul C Pritchard
Bless the Space Between Us
The Space that Holds Us All

Sometimes by sitting the soul collects Wisdom. – Zen proverb.

This simple proverb rings so true for me. Sitting, waiting, witnessing, allowing – all examples of another way of infusing consciousness with some space, some wiggle room. When I dive into something I make a hell of a splash. Sometimes that’s good. But in my experience, for the most part, stillness facilitates solutions far more than splash-panic.

We are in exciting times, challenging of course, and yet undeniably exciting. Long-lasting change feels urgently on the horizon. Do I wish it were different? Sure I do! But there’s no point in arguing with reality when reality in every moment drops backwards into the past.

My energy is better focused on accepting the past reality and acquiring some wisdom to pour into the field of consciousness to facilitate fertile ground for solutions and gratitude to flourish an emergence in the NOW (which of course inform the future and the past).

Nothing we see or hear is perfect. But right there in the imperfection is perfect reality. – Shunryu Suzuki

There’s a theme emerging in the collective. It’s undeniable. It permeates all Media and all conversations in the East and the West, in politics, communities, family dinners and religious places of prayer. The theme is a deeply spiritual and philosophical awareness that a) we are not alone and b) we cannot do it alone. Amazing how something so obvious can feel so fresh and new. Life on this beautiful big blue ball has always been, and will always be, a collaboration of awareness energetically moving, growing, expanding, changing … but never, ever alone. Interconnectedness or Oneness are two ways of describing this phenomenon.

“…”A theme of Interconnectedness or Oneness is emerging. Image: Shane Rounce

The field is the sole governing agency of the particle. – Albert Einstein

It makes perfect sense to me that, if by sitting the soul collects wisdom, then by sitting together in numbers more than one, this amplification of energy can offer the soul a super-charged wisdom. Here at UPLIFT we have written about the power of meditation, intention and unified prayer. There is no scientific doubt that the energy created affects the particles in the field. We are all made of sound and light vibration at the very core. We are only just beginning our quantum physics enquiries but for now, it’s the poets, the philosophers, the ancient wisdom bearers and the children who can attempt to explain that multidimensional mystery with the innocence and complexity it needs.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there among them. – Mathew 18:21

Have you experienced this? Have you had the comparative experience of sitting alone with a sweet focus and then sitting in a group with the same sweet focus? The first for me is a delicate marshmallow dissolving on the tongue. The second is like blissfully drowning in nectar. It just feels stronger. I am not saying better … but it is bigger. Perhaps it’s because it fulfils our human needs for connection and that, coupled with single-focused prayer and intention, can magnify our whole experience.

Technology now facilitates this shared gathering on a global scale. Literally hundreds of thousands of people can participate in the same event, at the same time, in every little corner of the globe. And it feels amazing … it feels wildly futuristic and at the same time so utterly natural. I too agree that there’s nothing better than physically being in an energy field … but when I dive into that sentence it doesn’t quite make sense. This is where my spiritual-geek really likes to shine. As we are all connected and share the same energy field I cannot ever be separate from it. If I tune in … I am right there. And yes, I believe the global field’s frequency resonates my cells. We are not separate remember!

“…”We are not separate! Image: Anthony Delanoix

Another way of coming together in this global union is through music, offered songs, prayers, poetry, mantras and musical notes in absolute reverence to Love. It could be just simply sharing some good news or a random act of kindness that you did or received or heard about. It doesn’t matter what the creative expression or connection but rather the intention behind, above, below and in it. It just takes someone to take a stand for presence, for a deeper connection, a commitment to go underneath the superficial and the mundane. It might be expressing gratitude for the people you are with … this has a ripple effect. It changes the dynamics and energy in a gathering. Simply commit in thought and deed (when possible) to being in service to the whole.

There is a strong distinction between helping and being in service. For example, if you want to help people wake-up you first have to see them as ‘asleep’ — you have to see the ‘problem.’

If you want to be of service, you shine forth your own light, you invoke the light, you get busy with your own God-voltage. You commit to offering that to Existence, to God. What subsequently happens to that supercharged lightning strike is none of your business. Being in service is staying in your own Light, amplifying it and sharing it. It’s not seeking to solve problems, it’s trusting that when the field of particles is super-charged with Light that the self-organising principles of Love will realign the material world.

Then the new paradigm can emerge, be witnessed, experienced and celebrated. Bring it on!


Here at UPLIFT, we are moving more and more into the power of One influencing the power of All. Who’s up for that? Who is committed to moving their focus away from the problems and complaints of the world and turning their inner-light all the way up to super-trooper-flood-light? So happy you said YES … We’d love to hear about your New Year commitments to being that positive change in the world. Please tell us in the comments below.

Much love as always.


BY Paul C Pritchard
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Dorothy Davies
3 years ago

If we could only ask every person on earth to follow these teachings, the heartbreak of the pandemic would be swept away on a tide of pure love.

Leonor Peñaranda
3 years ago

Sit, still and ground for what is coming.

Bodhivata Dharmashanti
3 years ago

Thank you, your reply brings warmth to my heart.
With love,

Bodhivata Dharmashanti
3 years ago

Namaste, I wish to offer my holiday thoughts for all. Enjoy.

Once upon a time

There was a time when everything was clean like white snow.
Remember peace and happiness are always here.
Peace is every step and happiness every breath.

There was a time when people walked hand in hand.
They knew the soul would have no rainbow
If the eyes had no tears

Today I need to ask you, on my knees, please
Teach me quiet, like the Grass awaiting the new light.
Teach me suffering, like the Stones remember so.
Teach me humility, like a Lotus from the mud.
Teach me caring, like the Sun does for the Moon.

And if you think I could be worthy, I am asking you, please
Teach me courage, like the Fish in a storm.
Teach me humble, like the Rain in a cloud.
Teach me patience, like the Seed under the dirt.
Teach me freedom, like the Bird in the sky.

Only if you think I did right by my people, please
Teach me acceptance, like the Ant on the Earth
Teach me renewal, like the Leaves in the Fall
Teach me limitation, like in a Child scream.

But before I go, please
Teach me to remember there was a time when we had kindness
Teach me to remember there was a time when we had love
Teach me to remember there was a time when I could forget myself
So that I can remember all the others

And just say “Thank you”.

J C O Okoye
3 years ago

It is beautiful. The patient subscriber won’t regret it.

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