Be the Wave

BY Ami Dougherty
Let Us Ride the Everchanging Tides

Activating the unbreakable bond with Mother Earth
Embracing the divine within to serve
Small acts of kindness
Sending ripples of energetic light
Internal and external
Love and accepting

Harness our natural essence
Sun and Moon in breathtaking harmony
Finding balance
Shining radiance…

All through the day and darkest night
Helping others see, when out of sight
Offering guidance, showing others they can glow so bright
A co-creative human superpower
A global ascension meteor shower …

Meditating on the eleventh hour
Emerging a universal collective wave, a new earth rave
Riding the everchanging tide
Channelling wisdom and positive vibes
Our earthly home, heart and soul…

We save
Letting go of the human race
embracing human kindness
Letting love and peace define us.

BY Ami Dougherty
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Áine McGowan
3 years ago

What a profoundly beautiful poem <3 Thanks for sharing with us!

Rene Wadlow
4 years ago

A fine poem by Ami Dougherty, I will use the first paragraphy which is the clearest I think. Keep up the positive energies, Rene Wadlow, President, Association of World Citizens

Karin Schmidt
4 years ago

Most uplifting news in the world, the World teacher – Maitreya- for all humanity was heard and seen in Berlin/Germany, unfortunately only in english. This means inspiring help for more peace and sharing and lifting of the energies

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