Avishai Barnatan: Using Sound to Heal Pain

Avishai Barnatan: Using Sound to Heal Pain
Improving Your Health, Clarity and Wellbeing

Sound has always played an important part in societies, nature, and even the universe as a whole. Now, modern science is revealing what ancient cultures have long known; that sound has the power to alleviate physical pain and bring about healing. But which sounds heal, and which sounds have the potential to harm?

Musician and sound healer, Avishai Barnatan, has studied ancient sound-healing techniques, and explored the increasing body of scientific studies which prove their efficacy. He shares his knowledge, experience and practical tips for integrating sound into your daily life to improve your health, clarity and wellbeing, on all levels.

Listen now to hear beautiful sounds and find out how best to use sound in your life.

About our Guests

Inspired by ancient wisdom, contemporary scientific research, and personal experience of sound and its profound therapeutical effects, Avishai is an internationally celebrated musician, music producer and sound healer. He is committed to harnessing and sharing different aspects of sound and music for physical and emotional transformation and healing.


Why Sound Heals

The Science Behind Healing with Sound

Using Sound to Expand Your Mind

The Healing Power of Entrainment

The Art of Radical Self Care

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3 years ago

Thank you.. nice post..

Beverly Doyle
6 years ago

This reminds me so much of a voice teacher I had many years ago. She (Genevieve Worth) taught that “every cell in the body sings.” I did vocal exercises – while balanced on one foot – that were designed to interact with different chakras (although she considered it dangerous to deal with the highest two chakras). She passed away about 25 years ago and I miss her, but I still do those exercises. My education, first as a music (voice) major and later in neuroscience, made me wonder about which cells would respond (“sing”) to which frequencies best. If we knew that, we might be able to choose particular frequencies for healing bone versus kidney versus liver versus heart, and so forth. Have you ventured into that sort of specificity for the sound healing you do?

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