Ask Dr. Bruce Lipton Your Questions!

Ask Dr. Bruce Lipton Your Questions!
To Celebrate Our 50th Episode, Dr. Bruce Lipton Answers Your Questions

He’s our favourite cellular biologist and we think he might be yours too! Our conversations with Dr Bruce Lipton have been some of our most popular podcasts, so to celebrate Episode 50, we invited Bruce to answer your questions. As it turns out, Bruce thinks you’re pretty special too and is confident that together we can craft a better future.

Cultural creatives – Your new thoughts are the ones that can create a new world and I want to thank you for being here.

We received hundreds of suggestions from you but could only get to a handful. Is your question one of them? This little snippet from one of his answers might provide a clue.

Anything that has a detrimental effect on your energy by definition has a detrimental effect on your health. Your health is a reflection of your energy. So if something takes away your energy, it’s your system saying this is not in the benefit of your life.

Listen to Dr Bruce Lipton answer your questions here.

About Our Guest:

Dr. Bruce Lipton is an internationally recognised leader in bridging science and spirit, a stem cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief.


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Danny Aboukassem
1 year ago

Dr. Bruce Lipton your teachings have taught me alot about life and have helped me overcome my obstacles. You have done wonders for my life. That being said I have simple questions, it may seem silly lol I just can’t find the answer anywhere else and it’s something I would like to have the answer to, is it possible to switch brains or minds? And is it possible to switch organs while both parties, doner and recipient, are alive? Thank You Very Much.

3 years ago

Good afternoon Dr. Bruce Lipton !
I’ve listened to many of your speeches via you tube.
I’m a buddhist in born and from Sri Lanka and now I’m a medical student.
Your findings are very similar to our great teacher’s teachings.
As you say the main reason for all the diseases which are affected to the people due to negative self sabotaging thoughts. The great Buddha also said the same thing.
Sir i think if you observe on the Great Buddha’s philosophy it will be a great cure for all the world and to understand in epigenetics and remain healthy with more spiritual abilities.
Thank you for your great findings sir……

4 years ago

Good afternoon,

I have a question about energy changing the form from one to another, without possibility to die.

So after, someone is die, his energy going back to the field with possibility for reincarnation.

If that energy will reincarnated, will also got new body, and new human personality.

Anyhow, using for example Ayahuasca, we are able to connect with the first form of energy,

So do it means that the first form of energy after death but before reincarnation mixed with other form of energy in the field,

Of just the memory of first form of energy stayed in the field, and reicarnate energy stayed exactly the same?

Friendly regards!


Phyllis Himone
4 years ago

Thankyou for this opportunity Dr Bruce Lipton It sure is a previllage
I just want to say “Hello Sir”
Wow and I love Your Work

4 years ago

Hi Bruce,
Will you please, please tell us How to recover and heal the body totally and fully from any kinds of disease, even those genetically inherited ones?
Will you please tell us, step by step, what to do and show us what should be done in order to heal?
Exactly like giving a recipe for food with all its ingredients.
‘Cause at some point I get frustrated from being bombarded by so many information and still don’t know how to do it.

salah bela
4 years ago

Hi Bruce,
Thank you for your amazing insights

4 years ago

Hi Bruce!
I need to detangle myself in this kind of thinking: If we have a soul plan, how does that connect to us being able to use law of attraction and manifestation of our desires? I might feel and connect to the universe but if it is not in my soul plan…it will never happen?
What is your view on that, how much free will do we have if there is a soul plan made already for each individual?

Steven Vandenheede
4 years ago

Hi Bruce,

I read your book (The Biology of Believe) which is changing my life. Doktors put me on medicine for a long time (due to burn out), untill I refused to take them. I decided at the moment I realized that I didn’t function natural anymore. I started to have a lot of strange complains, had troubles with my immunity, and my brains was very blurry. I decided to go for the natural way ..
After a long struggle of two years, visits to a lot of specialist … i was suggested to read your book/. To me some pieces of the puzzle became more clear know.
During my journey, I was also intrigued by ‘Blushield’ ( I have bought the portable tesla gold and aeray cube.
I wonder if you have ever investigated the efficiency of these devices.
I’m convinced the our mind can help us to heal, but wonder also if you support this technology (or is placebo only)

Best Regards
Steven (Belgium)

Rob Moffit
5 years ago

If my mother smoked cigarettes when she was pregnant with me, and I grew up in a house of smokers (2 adults and their visiting friends)until I was 15, then I myself started smoking at 16 (to which now I am 46), according to the Biology of Belief (environmental stimuli) Will I be healthier, if I quit smoking? or will my body go all funky on me at the abrupt lifestyle change?

Sheyla werneck Montgomery
5 years ago

What is your main advice for a person with advanced cancer?

5 years ago

Hey im thinking about using subliminals. Now do we use this “before” sleep,or “during” sleep?also is this like a one time deal where after just one night your subconscious mind is program,or does this take repetition. Are all subliminals effective?

5 years ago

Good Day Bruce,
Thank you for your amazing insights. Do you have any thoughts on an (the brain of) individual who is able to approach any job at a technical level and is able to do a job successfully without prior experience or exposure. Is able to draw and paint one moment and then not able to do this the next.

Is this related to the subconscious or is there an alternative explanation for this type of reality?

5 years ago

Hi bruce, just first want to the say the biggest thank you! You’ve been an inspiration to so many hearts and the human kind as a whole.. Through your work and a few others ive had an epithany to how your spiral path of evolution also has a spiral path comtained within.. As in the journey withing each of us. It starts with time, when the idividual is born then learns the perception of memory, then the start of learning. Until we can turn that learning into knowledge (of each element of the physical ) then the next level of the spiral is realising the ability to turn it into wisdom! Ie, the using all wisdom of each element to combine into one… Esther…. But there is another dimension inside that dimension too in another spira path in the sense of the whole reason and purpose of beingthe highest potential organism with consciousness and that is to be aware of oneself snd bring the greater organism to its optimol prime!!. Thus devine consciousness garentees its all from pure intention of each individual make up the collective whole!! Know theres no cheating! As the light is all natural and consciousness didnt learn english can only show you through a set of stages, from lookijng in with the right intention through emotion till you find the answer.. Organism-oganised-optimol organism… Where did language come from?? The externelers.. The light is natural, love and all that comes with it but there is the dark the 15% bad bacteria that resides in all.. The creator of fears But we mist see that it is one. For soon as we fear it we feed it or if try to take a side it creates the devided in devine condciousness and breaks the balance and harmony of all and therefore we must embrace all of existance. For its all to be learned from without judgement ir expectations and all will be revealed.. I want to express my heart my live for all as we are only as good as the worst off.. Lets come together embrace the beauty in all that is and create the environment and hightened frequency that lays in all our collective minds and hearts. I dont know how to turn knowledge into wisdom, probably why im reaching out this isgoing round my head. Sometimes we are given a responsibility bigger than ourselves to carry out it is easy to shy away and pit them to the back of your mind cause maybe no one will understand but dr bruce lipton youve taught me to express more be communicating positive for the better cell..
Cells create yes thehuman body ie muscle, bone fat. But main priority it to create organs.. Organs are the main energy points of the body. Therefore it is the organs that have to !!organise!! themselves for the optimum functioning of the !!organism!! Dont you se the human kind are the cells, being the higest conciousness and hands with the ability to observe outside our dna! Therefore we as cells must form organs out of each continent by harmonising seeing the ligbt and walking firward together! Only then once we can form all continents as organs can the bigger organism the earth vibrate and opperate at its highest. Organised organs.. Lets bring the reason why we have been given the resposibility of being the conscious beings that we are in the physical dimension of the learning stage of physical aspects, ie earth, wind, water, fire. Put them together in the lighting up of each pyramind on each continent as we onow they are batterys of buildings made up of proof of wisdom over each element therefore makes pure natural unbound energy. Each continent lighting up is the way consciosness can proov we have gained wisdom of the physical world al together with the same light intention and ready and primed for the next stage on the spiral of the learning.. Which is unfathomable to the physical aspects of comprehension.. The ultimate goal is to go all the way through the levels of each dinension to bring back light l/energy back to source through self realisation that you are god that you hold the power to change worlds inside. All you have to do is believe, hold that positive tjought and express from the heart. Because that is where creativity love and the energy to bring us together for the true human kinds purpose.. Activate hoghest frequency of the organism. Through each continent even antartica activating their pyramid, ( the fire im the middle, the natural atom) showjng the devine one there is no cheating this way, that we have realised that of our self and the bigger organism and.ready to move forwatd to the start of new beginnings..
Where the galaxy actually goes inside itself via the black whole (like an atom, implosion-explosion) and then re emerges as as either a new dimesion of the new level we go to or we actually go to another home and this physical nurasy like galaxy dimension stays the same for the next race of human beings to find out all that is of the physical body and world.. Love peace and harmony spread knowledge not devide see the symbiosis in all.. You are part of the creator all the answers lay within.. when you are feeling sad or unimpowred and dont feel much hope just know mother earth always wants the best for you. Look at the sun when you cry for it creates the full spectrum of knowledge in your eyes, for the rainbow is the result if dirct light and shows us it carrys time aswel by red being at the top with a longer jiurney to take, and the bottom two coloure are blue then purple showing us blue and red make purple and so join together thus creating cylinder flow of eternity.. Not only that but because the are different lengths it shows us it actually twists! As this is how all things are on a spiral. flowing cold water passing through the body carrys positive charge. Walking through the woods listening to birds singing creates epigrnetics and harmonising your frequency balance.. Understanding the elements and uncloudimg my senses have helped me find my natural path and there fore all of this!!? I domt know where its all come from?? I watched joe dispensa and tried to take myself out of the normalities and routines with intention of learning and asking unemded questions.. I kinda need your help.. Sorry to go on. I dont know who will read this.. I hope it will somehow create realiststion to that of we have a higher purpose than ourself.. Xxx

Maria Lourdes Belza
5 years ago

What would be the best thought to have as you wake up in the morning?

5 years ago


Katherina Victoria
5 years ago

Hi Bruce
Do you believe in Jesus?
Love and Greetings frim Switzerland

6 years ago

Greetings sir , I wanted to know about your opinion about placebo / nocebo effect on treating people with HIV .
Can we reach the stage of cure ?

6 years ago

I remain depressed as I feel there’s a constant break and obstacles in my life almost in everything

6 years ago

Hi Bruce! What kind of brains and minds do we have…? there’s talks of 3 or 4 different kinds….How can we make them work in a coherent way?Greetings from Chile.

6 years ago

Hi Bruce. My daughter caught Gillian Barre syndrome and severe condition immune deficiency. Been two years in hospital and still on a breathing ventilator. Now paralysed from nose down aged 6. She can communicate by eyes. Before this she was walking talking. What can I do to get her mind to get her back to normal. Need her nerves to heal to get muscle function back. Is there any audio frequency I can feed her mind. Thanks sanjay

6 years ago

What is the difference between RNA and DNA? AND HOW EPIGENETICS WORKS?

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