Anita Moorjani: Life Lessons from Beyond Death

Anita Moorjani: Life Lessons from Beyond Death
Dying to Learn how to Live

It wasn’t until Anita Moorjani died that she truly began living. In 2006, after living with cancer for four years, she lapsed into a coma. Her family was told she was in the final hours of her life. Three days later, she awoke, and within months, was completely cancer-free.

During her miraculous near-death experience, Anita experienced immense and indescribable love just for existing, and she felt completely loved for who she was.

When you love yourself and you know you’re worthy and deserving of good things, and you know you have a purpose, your body will start to reflect that…it wants you to have a passion for life. That’s what your body wants.

She shares how she saw her life like a thread in a great tapestry woven together with everyone else and how every action (even things she thought were mistakes) were perfect and served a purpose. Finding her reason and purpose for living gave her the clarity to come back and live fearlessly.

The question we need to ask ourselves is ‘Who am I’. As you go on a journey to discover who you are, your purpose will unfold before you.

Anita Moorjani shares what she now knows about life, purpose and living fearlessly thanks to her journey with death.

About our Guest:

Anita Moorjani is a New York Times best-selling author of the book Dying to be Me and What if this is heaven? She is a speaker, and intercultural consultant for multinational corporations.

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John carney
3 years ago

Powerful.. thanks so much to you Anita and also to you Chip .

Jeanne Frost
6 years ago

This interview of Anita Moorjani is one of the best I have heard so far. Excellent interviewer! Now I am much more aware of the critical importance of loving myself. Loving myself so completely that I can receive easily and naturally give love to others. Thank you so much!

Sujit Kumar Bala
6 years ago

Amazing! We get new taste of life. Thanks a lot. We are a part of eternity full love, unconditional love.

6 years ago

Just wonderful. It gave me NEW relief from pain and a more joyous zest for living. Thank you.

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