All Nation’s Rise – Lyla June

All Nation’s Rise – Lyla June
Indigenous People Shining their Light

In this time it isn’t Indians versus Cowboys. No. This time it is all the beautiful races of humanity together on the SAME side and we are fighting to replace our fear with LOVE. This time bullets, arrows, and cannon balls won’t save us. The only weapons that are useful in this battle are the weapons of truth, faith, and compassion. – Lyla June, Dine’ (Navajo)

With the exception of the pounding summer monsoon rains and thunder, or the winds that come in the springtime, the desert southwest is a place where silence is louder than almost anything. It is a majestic land of giant rock formations, mountains, mesas, and canyons, along with a sky that makes even the proudest human feel small.

It is no surprise that the Native Culture in this place is filled with deep wisdom. The Navajo, Dine’ are known for their colorful wool weavings, their beautiful turquoise and silver jewellery, sand paintings, and storytelling.

Dine’ Poet and Musician, Lyla June, has an eloquence and creativity that can deliver truth with a sweetness that will make you cry. From Taos, New Mexico, Lyla studied Human Ecology at Stanford University, and is currently studying Indigenous Education at the University of New Mexico.

In the previous weeks, we have seen an unprecedented showing of love and solidarity for the Standing Rock community as they fight to protect their waters from a proposed $3.8 billion pipeline. This video was seen by more than a million people in the first week it was released on Facebook. Lyla walks the sacred landscape that is home to her people while reciting a potent poem that speaks of the emerging, fresh unity between people of all nations who are standing up to protect the earth from extraction industries. 

This song shares the glorious comeback of her people.

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