A Spiritual Approach to Creating the World We Want

A Spiritual Approach to Creating the World We Want
A Shift Towards a More Conscious World

With all the worry, anger, fear and dread dominating so many people’s current experience, it can be easy to wonder how we got here, and how we get ourselves out of this.

We are responsible for creating the world we want to experience. If we aren’t experiencing that world, then we need to accept that we are the ones who need to be doing something differently, not somebody else.

So how do we create the world we truly want, even as we are surrounded by all of these others who are working with different goals, visions and beliefs?

Each of us is responsible for creating the world we truly want.Each of us is responsible for creating the world we want.

Creating the Future

First, we have to understand that physical reality only has meaning in terms of how we encounter it, how we experience it. So much of what trips us up are actually just ideas, not experience. Worry is the emotional result of an idea.

Second we have to understand that creation follows expectation. We get what we expect, even if the surface presentation doesn’t match our surface request. We get the deepest level of our request unfolding in whatever outer form that winds up taking. So you might say, “Well I would never ask for the rise of totalitarianism in my country, and indeed throughout so much of the world”.

Yet you were asking for it every time you watched shows that made you feel fear. You were asking for it every time you pursued the “excitement” of worry, dread, and victory over a clear threat, even if just in your “entertainment”. When you take those emotional journeys, you are creating your future experience. That doesn’t mean watching a show about zombies is going to lead to your encountering zombies. But inundating yourself with various experiences of fear, danger and victory through aggression day after day is most definitely programming your life to present you with reasons for such feelings.

The future of your world in in your hands.The future of your world is in your hands.

Know What You Want

To get what you really want:

  1. Notice how you are feeling at all times, and if you don’t like the feeling you’re feeling, change whatever you’re doing or thinking. Make responding to your emotional feedback your number one priority in life.
  2. When you notice something you don’t want, such as closed-minded cruelty, you immediately know what you do want, such as a world of respect for diversity. Once you know what you do want, continuing to focus on the cruelty you don’t want is counter-productive. The awareness of it has already served its complete purpose. Now you need to focus 100% on what you do want, a world of respect for diversity.


Look out at the world and change what you don't like.Look out at the world and change what you don’t like.

A More Compassionate World

What would living in such a world feel like? What images come to you when you feel into that possibility? Do you have any memories of times in your life where you encountered a clear display of inclusivity and compassion? How did it feel? Clarify the feeling then let yourself enjoy it for a few minutes.

Know that by doing 1 and 2, you have in fact created the world you want. You’ve created it in the causal realm and started moving toward a rendezvous with the lived experience of it.

If you want to stay on course, you can simply get off the subject entirely, never thinking of it again, and in time inertia will carry you to that destination. If you want to bring it about more quickly, you can make it your priority to surround yourself with experiences and thoughts that make you feel the same way you felt in that vision. 

Compassion moves us towards the vision of the world we want.Compassion moves us towards the vision of the world we want.

Keeping a Clear Mind

You might think, “Well if the key to getting what I want is just feeling good all the time, I’ll just stay drunk or high all the time”. The problem with being on substances is that they make it impossible to focus. The level of focused attention required for manifestation requires we be sober enough of the time. 


Bottom line: alcohol and other substances don’t change the dominant unconscious “prayer” one is moving toward; they just 1) decrease momentum by decreasing one’s ability to focus; and/or 2) cover up what the prayer is by preventing one’s ability to focus, making it impossible to do what you need to do to actually change the unwanted trajectory you’re on.

Focus and momentum go hand in hand. Focus increases momentum, and momentum is the source of clarity. Clarity is the sign that manifestation is quite near. Meditation can provide key benefits of substances without any of the drawbacks.

Substances prevent you from keeping clarity of mind.Substances prevent you from keeping clarity of mind.

Taking Inspired Action

To live in this world, we must act. So what does action look like when it is consistent with our intention to create a life experience that we want? 

It looks like inspiration being given a voice and arms and legs. It is getting into a felt state of your chosen vision, then receiving flashes of insight, and knowing as you see those visions that they are already real. It is moving into action with certainty, knowing that you can’t make a mistake, because your success is inevitable.

When you move into action out of fear of what will happen if you don’t act, no matter what you do, those actions are creating a future that justifies fear. When you move into action out of inspiration – thrilled, comforted, or intrigued by new visions of what your life could be like – whatever the action, it contributes toward the creation of a future that feels like that. The product will always reflect the feeling of the process that created it.

We must take action to create a better world.We must take action to create a better world.

The Other Shoe

For each of us it is important to discover what our unconscious, habitual prayer has been and if that is not what we really want, then we need to commit ourselves to changing that prayer, which can only be by praying a new prayer. Our attention is how we pray.

Step one is discovering what the current prayer must be, and we do this by looking at what we’ve been consistently getting in our lives. Often we can trace such patterns all the way back to childhood.

For example, I can see in my life a clear pattern of gain, loss, gain, loss and a persistent “waiting for the other shoe to drop” whenever things are going well. My mind habitually searches for the unwanted possibility as soon as it notices that it’s enjoying something. This is likely because I grew up in a family with similar beliefs, and so experienced repeated job losses among my caregivers, resulting in gain, loss, gain, loss and persistent worry in the household.

We need to watch the habitual thought patterns in our minds.We need to watch the habitual thought patterns in our minds.

Negative Thought Patterns

Even though I have a level of education, possibility and prosperity far beyond what my family was able to achieve back then, I continue to be plagued by the same habits of thought. I therefore create similar cycles in my life, even if my highs are higher and my lows aren’t as low.

Once I recognized that this was a dominant pattern in my life, and not one that I want to keep living, the next step was to clarify what I wanted on the subject instead.

First I clarified that I want stability in my life, not all these ups and downs. I just want up. But I couldn’t find the feeling of that.

Focusing on the negative will not help you move forward.Focusing on the negative will not help you move forward.

Seeking Security

Reflecting a bit more, I saw that what I really wanted was a sense of security, for me to get the house and keep the house. For me to get the dog and not have her in danger from coyotes in the area (one I found up on my deck a couple weeks ago, sniffing at my dog’s door). For me to gain this or that and get to keep it. So I tried to feel into that.

Again, I came up empty. Definitely desirable ideas, but they had no creative energy attached to them.


Finally I caught a glimpse of a vision of wellbeing on this topic. It’s impossible to really describe as a visual, but what the imagery gave me was a sense of security. I then realized that what I really wanted wasn’t stability, it was security.

Security in life is something that all of us are seeking.Security in life is something that all of us are seeking.

An Inner Knowing

The next vision was a realization that even when I “ground” into the Earth, I’m actually grounding into a huge piece of rock spinning in space at alarming speeds, and revolving around a burning star. And all of this, I suspect, hurtling through space within an ever-expanding universe. Ground into that and you aren’t grounding into stability. There is no stability! I had to laugh aloud at this realization.

No, I obviously do not require stability, since none is available. But security is something different. Security is knowing that despite the lack of stability, despite constant change, all is well. Everything conspires for our benefit. Even the painful lessons, like generational patterns of struggle and loss, even these are blessings, because they point out to us the necessary pivots toward what we do want instead. They show us what we’ve been creating, giving us the opportunity to start creating something different, if only we will.

We are inherently secure because we are manifestations of a powerful, infinite being of perfect wisdom and transcendent foresight that knows us as a part of itself, and which loves itself completely. We are safe to explore, even if it leads to the ending of this particular physical form’s life story, because we are infinite in our very nature.

We are all perfect beings who have innate wisdom.We are all perfect beings who have innate wisdom.

Acceptance of the Inevitability of Change

We all change form. There is nothing to fear in transitions. And yet, there is also tremendous momentum and purpose to this particular life story, so that it is unlikely to end abruptly. The only loss that is inevitable is the eventual transition out of this life, and even that is only a loss if we frame it as one, instead of seeing it as the completion of one cycle and the beginning of another.  

Knowing all of this within my felt experience, not just as pretty ideas, has been critical for my releasing the generational patterns that had limited my ability to consistently create the life I choose for myself.

I encourage you to examine the patterns that have plagued you in your life. What seems to keep happening that you wish never happened at all? Can you find any evidence of that pattern in your family of origin?

All of us have the power to create the life we choose.All of us have the power to create the life we choose.

Creating a Shift

To create your shift:

  1. Sort out what you’ve been creating and what you want to create instead.
  2. For a few minutes, give 100% of your attention to the feeling of what you want.
  3. Then “pray” for that with every moment of your life by staying focused on those things that make you feel that way. 
  4. To the extent that you can manage, act from the inspiration that arises when you are in that desired feeling state, and never when you are feeling the feelings that go with the prayer you are leaving behind.

Do this to shift your forward trajectory, and time takes care of the rest.

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Rupert Wakefield
6 years ago

Thank you – a great read.

Ina Marx
6 years ago

The very best I have read … maybe ever. Thanks to you.

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