A Love Letter to My Someone, Someday

BY Geneviev Oliveros
A Love Letter to My Someone, Someday
To My Someone, Someday…

I hope that you will understand that I have gone through the harshest of days but the brightest of nights, as I know you have yours too…

I have been and will continue to love myself before anyone, even you. I will be my first priority. I am hoping you will do the same. I will not expect anything less of you but be who you are and that you are still You even with no Me, no Us… For loving oneself is not selfish. Loving oneself is loving you completely with no judgement and expectations, since I know you can be by yourself with no other reason but you… Loving your own self too…

I have come to understand that loving yourself is a step towards acceptance of faults and undesired consequences of actions done and can no longer be undone. Oh, I have done a lot, my love. I learned to forgive for I started with myself… For loving you will be on the side of faith and trust. Trust that I will always make mistakes and the same with you… But since we learned to love ourselves alone or together, we will learn to forgive ourselves and not just each other…

Understand that expectations are overrated. Do not expect anything more than what I can offer and provide. As I will never expect anything more from you but to be your own… Know that my happiness is not only you. My happiness is my own. The same as your happiness is yours… My expectation though is for you not to make me your reason for joy and happiness for I will always fail you. Expect that instead. That I will always fail you… I will try to make your worth but I will never lose myself because of you and your needs…

To my someone, someday… I’ll love you for who you are. No expectations… I know we will fail each other’s expectations. You are not a dream nor a fantasy. You are a person and a human with all errors and faults. I know and will accept that fully. But one thing… Love yourself above me. And maybe we can love each other completely… Alone or as one…

And if one day I forgot to love myself. I have faith that you are there to remind me to love myself again, without any doubt that my love for you will never cease as days prolong to nights and nights to days… And that trust, that faith, that I will be the same with you. Longing for you to grow deeper into you and loving yourself even more until time itself will cease for both of us… We know we love, both alone and as one.

BY Geneviev Oliveros
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