15 Ways to Help Create a More Beautiful World

15 Ways to Help Create a More Beautiful World
Simple Ways You can Contribute to the Wellbeing of the Planet

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” ~ Margaret Mead

We people like to say that we are civilised, but the truth couldn’t be further from that. Although we have made a lot of scientific and technological progress, we are still behaving in an inhumane way. We’re fighting with one another, we are harming the animals, and we are destroying the environment with our everyday actions.

Without Harmony we all Suffer

We have not yet learned to live in harmony with our fellow human beings and the natural world, and as long as we continue to be in conflict with one another as well as try to control, dominate and exploit nature for our own personal gain, we are bound to experience immense suffering, on a collective level.

Humanity FightingWhen we fight, we all suffer

Of course, we don’t have to live this way. Each and every person, including you, can choose to live much differently so that we can contribute to the well-being of our planet, and here are 15 ways you can help create a better world:

1. Question all beliefs and ideologies that have been handed down to you from tradition, no matter how back in time they go. This will help you see the world with different, fresh eyes, that will allow you to better understand it and your relation to it.

2. Stop supporting those who want to keep humanity enslaved, especially politicians and the financial elite.

Stop supporting the financial eliteWe can stop supporting the financial elite

3. Don’t blame others for anything that goes wrong with the world. Instead, take responsibility in your hands and become a problem solver.

4. Realize the oneness of all humanity — our categorization of people into race, nation, and religion only helps to separate them from one another and thus inevitably creates conflict between them.


5. Avoid competition — contrary to popular belief, it is hindering progress and breeds violence.

6. Don’t be too quick to negatively judge people, for every person has a story that in most cases you are not aware of.

Judging othersChoose love over judgment

7. Be careful of the words you utter — they have immense power to tremendously affect people’s lives.

8. Escape from the materialism trap — material things cannot do much to satisfy your emotional or spiritual needs.

9. Realize that money is only an agreement and that our current economic system is based on debt, hence it is inherently unjust and inevitably creates poverty, greed, violence, disease and environmental destruction. Then educate yourself about better, alternative economic systems.

10. Help put an end to mindless consumption — the countless products we buy are filling the planet with toxic waste.

Conscious ConsumerismFrom mindless consumption to conscious consumerism

11. Say NO to eating meat and animal-derived products  — a plant-based diet is better for your health, for the animals, and for the planet.

12. Meditate. Only when you make peace with yourself first, will you be able to make peace with others.

13. Every human being is unique and important and has a special gift to offer to the world. Find out what your gift is and share it open-handedly.

14. Don’t preach what you don’t practice. You can teach others only by example.

15. All change begins from within, so be sure to embody the change you wish to see in the world.
Feature image: Selection from “One World” by Pranab Basak

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